What is Clinical Mentoring?

Mentoring offers clinicians a structured and proven pathway to expand their skills, overcome obstacles and build on their strengths to make positive choices and develop their practical and business skills.

  • Helps facilitate knowledge and skill development for successful implant dentistry
  • Encourages professional and personal growth
  • Increases implant treatment uptake


Interested in Straumann Clinical Mentoring?

Over time it is possible to achieve profitability as you build your implant business. Joining the Straumann Clinical Mentoring programme gives you the support and confidence to engage confidently with an increasing number of patients each year and grow your implant and restoration practice faster.

Mentor Hubs

Our regional Mentor Hubs comprise of clinicians with exceptional experience in implant dentistry, which, with a team of highly experienced Mentors, deliver expert teaching and education across their region.

Local Mentors

Our Mentors have been carefully selected via an independent assessment process. They will deliver high quality, consistent clinical and educational skills and will perform training assessment and feedback with their mentee.


On completion of, or during a surgical implant course, clinicians will be offered in-house clinical training and education from our highly experienced Mentors.