Mentor Hubs

To complement the excellence of your Straumann education and products we aim to ensure you receive the highest quality of mentoring. We have established exclusive partnerships with two of the country’s leading training providers to act as our Mentor Hubs. They will help you connect with a local Mentor to suit your needs and location, whilst ensure a mutually rewarding and value added mentoring relationship.

Interested in Straumann Clinical Mentoring?

The Campbell Academy

North of Country & Ireland

High-quality ethical education is the focus on The Campbell Academy. The Academy was founded by Colin Campbell, Clinical Director at the Campbell Clinic. With over 4,000 dental implants to his name Colin is a highly respected Mentor and lecturer in implant dentistry and oral surgery. He’s also a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

The Dental Implant Clinic

South of Country

A strong belief that repeated practice is vital to delivering predictable implants is a key driver for The Dental Implant Clinic. Leading the mentorship partnership is Jonathon Schofield who has been delivering implant training for 12 years through the Schofield Postgraduate Training programme, alongside providing one-to-one implant training. His role as lecturer and clinic lead on a university MSc implant programme has given him valuable insights into the needs of mentee and mentor.