How Mentoring Works

The Straumann Clinical Mentoring programme is your opportunity to engage expert, hands-on help to give you reassurance as you build your implant business.

With a reputable, structured training pathway and by working closely with a Mentor, you will benefit from an effective combination of hands-on practical experience and ongoing support to start confidently placing and restoring implants.

Interested in Straumann Clinical Mentoring?

1. Application and Introduction

Apply to the scheme and pay initial deposit. You will receive a membership pack with helpful resources for patient assessment, treatment planning, sequencing and consent.

2. Mentor Allocation

Once your patient case has been finalised you will be allocated a local Mentor and a date for the treatment will be agreed.

3. Patient Selection

Select a patient and present the case to your Mentor Hub who will assess the information provided and support you to ensure everything is ready for your case to go ahead on the agreed day.

4. Preparation

You will be sent a comprehensive checklist of the equipment that you will need to perform the treatment on your patient.

5. Mentor Days

Mentoring sessions can be arranged for half a day initially but we would encourage future sessions to be for a whole day so that you can undertake several cases per day.

6. Appraisal

After the session you will receive a helpful appraisal of your performance. This will help mentees prepare a logbook of experience that is invaluable for medico-legal purposes. You can also provide feedback on your Mentor to the Hub Planner.


Communication and support is essential. Once you are on the mentoring programme you have the added benefit of access to an experienced Mentor who can continue to give you useful tips and advice. Your Mentor will be available to discuss your cases via telephone, email and in person and will visit your practice to guide you through your first cases. Implant cases may be straightforward single unit cases, simultaneous augmentation cases or small span two unit cases.