Ashley Watson

BDS (Kings) LDS RCS (Eng)
Practice Name: BUPA Dental Centres, Canterbury and Marylebone
Registered GDC Number: 68501

General dental practitioner placing implants since 2003. Previously practice owner/principal of The Smile Centre, Canterbury and now part of BUPA Dental.

I strongly believe that implants should become a routine treatment carried out by GDPs providing the appropriate training is received and the dentist placing is placing enough to maintain their skills.

The transition from learning how to place implants and the physical nature of actually providing them yourself on a daily basis no longer has to be as stressful and lonely as it used to be. I believe my confidence grew rapidly once I managed to find someone who would guide me, watch me and allow me to watch them, and I believe this is the most important stage in the process of becoming an “Implant Placer”.

General practice has allowed me to understand where implants fit into the overall care of the patient. Being a business owner allows me to understand the financial impact of your training so that you get the best value for your Mentoring. I can also show you how you can progress your career so that confidence in implant placement becomes a significant part of your dental service and not something that scares you every time you lift your handpiece.

I think the experience I have will benefit the next generation of GDPs in what should be a widely available treatment modality and not necessarily limited to the specialist only practitioners.

So my ideal Mentee would be someone who is in general practice, who would like to extend their range by placing implants, and who has completed a course to allow them to place implants but would appreciate a personal coach to guide them as they progress to provide implants where they work.